Week Off

07 Jul

Well, it was a week off for Ken anyway…Unfortunately every week is a week off for me.*sigh* Some of what we did was mentioned in my last post, Wednesday Night Out.

We spent one day in downtown Indy just hanging out and that was where I discovered a neat looking Dunkin’ Donuts and just had to take a pic of their sign. I would have taken a photo of the whole building but I would have had to go into the street for that, and there was quiet a bit of traffic. Stopped at Borders and found out that I don’t like the bigger Borders downtown, it seemed kind of ‘stuffy’. We also went to a mall where Amanda found a few things she wanted, like a Twilight bracelet and a couple of things that were 75% off that I got for her, including a Twilight jewelry box.

For the 4th of July we decided to buy some fireworks, so we had some fun shooting those off, but we all got eaten alive by mosquitos! Ken had way too much fun with the fireworks and has decided that we will set a new tradition and will set them off every year. Earlier I had made us all some hamburgers and hot dogs and we hung around on the patio while we ate, would have been nice if we had a grill because I love BBQ’s. All in all, we had a really nice day, I enjoyed it!

Now that his week off has come to an end it feels like it went by really fast and I wish we could have done more, I really like to spend time together outside of our normal routine. But we watched a lot of Burn Notice and Firefly and we also played a lot of WoW. We’re geeks like that.

One finally note: Tomorrow is my 38th birthday! Feel free to send me lots and lots of cash or expensive gifts. 😉

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