Not up to much

15 May

Hasn’t been a whole heck of a lot going on, not much work or anything, but I did work this week, and was able to do it from home (yay!), we simply haven’t had a lot of races.

The Saraga International Grocery store near me finally opened, and it was packed, we only stopped in to get a some snacks and drinks. They didn’t have as big a selection as their other location, (this one is a smaller store) but I was happy with what I found, even though there were a couple things I wanted that they didn’t have at this one.

We all went to see Iron Man 2 last weekend (we re-watched the first one on DVD the weekend before), we loved it! I had heard some people, and reviews, basically saying it was only, “OK”, but I really enjoyed it and thought it was better than ‘OK’, but I think the first is my favorite.

Totally bummed that my B’s didn’t make it to the next round in the playoffs. They started the series against the Flyers 3 games to 0, then the Flyers turned it around and pushed a game 7…1st period was 3-0 Bruins…Then it all fell apart and ended 4-3 Flyers. What the heck happened there?! *sigh* Well, then I hope the Flyers kick Habs ass in the next round (like any good B’s fan I hate the Habs lol).

The pets have been getting along great and play together all the time, but Ares doesn’t realize how big and awkward she can be and sometimes she steps on the cats tail or almost squishes her, but it’s cute and funny when it happens. lol We have this honey comb shaped shelf thingy in our office and we have had to kitty proof it because she recently decided that it was her playground. She climbs all over it, in and out of all the shelf areas, and now sleeps on top of it. The first time she jumped up top she knocked down a figure and broke it. So I took those down, then she started to play with out sci-fi plushies (like the DRD from Farscape) so we had to take those off as well. I put more book son it tying to fill it out, but still. *sigh* Silly kitteh

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