Amanda’s B’day

26 Apr

I made her a cake and decided that I should try and actually decorate it, normally I would just put frosting on it and some sprinkles, it doesn’t look like a total disaster, but it could be better… I just don’t have the talent/patience for decorating. At least Amanda thought it was cute. 🙂 For an added touch I put some Japanese candy on for decoration (pocky and star candy).

She got to hang out at the mall and spend some b’day money, then we treated her to Culver’s for dinner and root beer floats. Later on we all watched “Old Dogs” together, it was cute & funny, we enjoyed it. She really liked the gifts Ken and I got her, a couple of games for her NintendoDS…I forget the exact titles but I got her the new Pokemon game (came with a figure) and Ken got her some Kingdom Hearts game. Everything went great and a good day was had by all! 🙂

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Posted by on April 26, 2010 in Birthday, family


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