Saraga International Grocery

11 Apr

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My post is mostly about Asian snacks, but you can find a variety of things at Saraga. You can get everything you need to make complete meals from various cultures; Asian, Caribbean, Middle Eastern and so on. They have fresh meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, a bakery and much, much more. So if you live in Indianapolis and are looking for a store that offers all that stuff you should check this place out.

We finally went to go check out Saraga. They were really busy, and I am sure that is because of their great selection and reasonable prices. I wanted to see if they had a few things that I needed (non snack items) and I also wanted to see what they had for Japanese snacks. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they had everything I was looking for, plus a whole bunch of snacks, but unfortunately they did not have Japanese Kit Kats.

Had to figure out which snacks to buy, there were so many I wanted to get but ended up narrowing it down to Strawberry Bits Pocky, Mix Berry Pocky, Chocolate Fromage Dessert Pocky, Hello Panda Strawberry Biscuits, Strawberry Gummy, Strawberry Hi-Chew, Botan Rice Candy, Pretz and Cheese Pretz. Also got some beverages; Raspberry ramune soda, Melon Ramune soda and Calpico (Calpis) Mango drink. I’ve been wanting to try the Calpico (Calpis) drinks for awhile now and I really liked it! The pocky we bought tasted really good too. The non snack items I bought were, Kewpie Mayonnaise, Mirin and Dashi.

In the freezer section we managed to find Taiyaki and Daifuku (I haven’t tried them yet, but looking forward to it). Those are a couple of things that I had not expected to see and because I have always heard about them I just had to get them to see what they taste like. It’s a safe bet that a freshly made product would be a thousand times better, but for now I will settle with frozen.

As we were on our way home, and got closer to where we live, I  noticed a building that had a sign on it saying; “Saraga coming soon”. This made me really happy, because this store is awesome, but it’s kind of far away from where we live, so knowing one will be close by is really good news! It will be in a strip mall at Madison Ave and Stop 11, near Taco Bell and Little Ceasars Pizza.

Saraga Locations

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