Another week down

02 Apr

The title of my blog post is deceiving, because technically the week is not over yet. 🙂

Went to Borders not to long ago to get myself a new book, so I am currently reading, “Heat Wave” by Richard Castle. For some odd reason I can’t seem to find any of his previous novels, this really bums me out since I really wanted to read them. And on a weird note, I just noticed how much the actor, Nathan Fillion, looks like Richard Castle. It’s kind of creepy.

On March 28th Sci-Fi (I refuse to use the new spelling) had an all day season 1 “Merlin” marathon…Which I had wanted to watch, even wrote myself a note about it and left it right near my computer screen…Yet somehow I totally forgot. Also, that same weekend was a free weekend for Champions Online, I had played during another free weekend some months back, and was happy to hear they were doing it again…But somehow I forgot to play. /facepalm  I am so lame.

Not really anything for me to do at work this week, all I had to do was reprogram some unused bibs from one race so we could use them in another, and update some race calendars and such. Stuff like that I can do from home, so I worked in my living room…And as you can tell from the picture above, Yuki decided to ‘help’ me. Don’t know how I could have done the job without her.

Went shopping today, when I got home and was putting groceries away I noticed that my pantry closet looks like an ad for WalMart products. Sad, I know. This only makes me realize how much I hate their new(ish) packaging. It’s so bland and just screams “GENERIC!!!”  What was wrong with the old look of their stuff? Bonus: You get a cookie if you can name all the “Great Value” products in the picture. 😉

Amanda snapped this this pic on her cell phone…It’s the first time the pets were sleeping next to each other, so cute! The only other time they did something similar was one evening when I had a real bad migraine and decided to go take a nap, when I woke up Ares and Yuki were sleeping next to me.

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