Job Hunting

27 Mar

Still looking for a steady job, mostly looking for part-time work (still checking out full-time too) in anything retail, food service or anything I feel qualified for. I really do not want to go to work full time and then have to work at home full time as well. It’s for my sanity. Besides, part-time should work out just fine, as long as it’s steady. I wish there was a way the job I am doing now could be more steady, but they simply don’t have enough for me to do there, and they don’t have the money. They make money from the races they manage, if there are no races then there is no money, and they have Ken and Lana to pay every week as it is.

Of course I am still having no luck with the job market. I have put in for everything I possibly can, I bet if we lived closer to downtown Indy (whatever they call it) I might be able to find something, but where we live now it’s too far away for me to work there. There does not seem to be many places that are hiring, and I can only assume that when jobs come up there must be quite a few people putting in for them, and employers are hiring the most qualified. I’ve tried changing my resume (wording and whatever), but no matter what I do it seems no one is interested.

This past work week was a little shorter (I normally work Tue-Thur 9-4), I was done all my stuff by noon on Thursday. And next week will be even shorter, not sure if they will need me for more than one day. It’s a small race coming up and we are reusing unassigned bibs from another race, the only thing I need to do is program them for the new race and label them, which will take no time since there are not that many people registered. It’s not even worth going into work for, I think I will just have Ken take them, and the laptop I need, home for me.

I have to be positive, something will pull through. It has to.

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