Stress and stuff

20 Mar

Been feeling really stressed lately, I think a lot of stuff has finally caught up with me and is getting to me more than it did before. The fact that I can’t find a steady job, the expense of the dental work Amanda needs done, repairs that need to be done to the house (which we can’t afford), having another bill to pay (the new car), and wishing I had the same conveniences that I did back home; like being able to walk to a bus stop or a store (such as CVS) in about 5 minutes. For the most part I tried to act like this stuff didn’t bother me that much and I wanted to believe that things would work out eventually, but now, after 2 1/2 years, I am getting seriously worried and it’s making me feel miserable, but I really don’t want to dwell on that feeling, it’s one of the reasons I get so many migraines (I have one right now). Ken has been really good about stuff and he helps me a lot and he takes care of almost everything (except stuff around the house), but I don’t want him to have that pressure, it can’t be good for him, I want to help out more. So yeah. I’m pretty stressed.

Finally got my tax returns back, can’t really do anything fun with the money, most of it is being put towards Amandas dental work, some is being kept aside for when things at work slow down, also putting some of it on bills. Then of course I use some of it for Amanda’s birthday, some things we need to get and ordered a few things from Guess I can’t really complain, it helps, and is certainly better than getting back nothing, or worse, having to owe. Still can’t help wishing it was extra money. *sigh*

Well I am back to work for a few weeks, I typically work 3 days a week, doesn’t sound like much, but I usually take care of everything at home too so between home and work I stay busy.

This past week was my first week back doing my usual stuff. My typical week at work; Tuesday I removed all the dags off the bibs from our last race, Wednesday I staple dags onto the bibs for the upcoming race and Thursday I program the dags into the system and then label the bibs (with the names of who has been assigned that number). I also update race calendars and maintain the facebook fanpage and twitter feed. So, that’s my job, not counting the things that crop up every now and then.

My migraine has become unbearable so it is time for me to stop blogging and go rest.

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