The Car

10 Mar

We said goodbye to Kens old car and finally got something decent! First some background on the civic that Ken had. It was old, tiny and cramped…I always had trouble getting in and out of the passenger seat and Amanda had trouble getting in and out of the back and she always managed to bang her head and for the life of me I never figured out how Ken, at 6’4″, could even fit into the thing! The trunk was messed up and unusable so we had to put groceries in the back seat, which was really annoying, the cup holders were broken so we could not use those, there was no muffler so of course the car was loud, the AC was busted and there was a lot of exterior damage.  And I know there has to be more that I’m forgetting. The car was a mess, granted it was mostly dependable, so that was good…But everything else was such a nightmare!

This is just some of the damage the civic had…

Ken was online last week looking at the CarMax site and happened to see the car he has been wanting, it was only a little over $16,000 and it’s in great shape. He debated on if he should get it, it only made sense that he should. Not only was it the car he wanted but it happened to be available at the time that we we were ready to look for a new (technically used) car. At this same time his cousin, Eric, wanted to sell him a car that he had (that has been in a few accidents) for $5000, but I wasn’t feeling very comfortable about that one, and in some ways neither was Ken. In the end the car from CarMax won out and Ken is now the proud owner of a Nissan Cube (pictured below).

We are now all very happy with the new car, it’s roomy and has all the stuff we wanted. Yay! We were driving around tonight for no reason at all, which was the first time we have ever done something like that. I forgot how much I like just going out for a drive and not going out in the car just because I have to.

I’m even looking forward to the next time we have to go grocery shopping because we no longer have to cram stuff in the back seat!

And check it out the pic below…Cup holders!!!

Hey, I’ve gone a few years without cup holders, do you have any idea how annoying that can be? So yeah, I’m glad to have cup holders…And we have a TON of cup holders now.

The Cube is so awesome it even has shag carpet on the dashboard! 😉

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