Food Stuffs

05 Mar

Yeah. I ended up writing a whole blog about food. *sigh* (it’s actually more pictures than writing.) Also, it seems to be about all junk food. That is just sad.

At some point last week Ken was at a store with his grandfather where he saw a Star Trek cake and jokingly said to his grandpa, “You should get that for me.” Later when they got back to work his grandfather did just that…Gave him the cake (I meant to send some of it back to work for them all, but forgot. doh!). I wish I had seen the cake around Kens Birthday, would have gotten it for him then.

That reminded me of a shopping trip with Ken sometime last year when we spotted some certain geek inspired food items, that Ken just had to get, of course. I mean, who could resist Star Trek cereal and World of Warcraft Mountain Dew? We never saw the Star Trek cereal after that (not the corn flakes, the actual ST cereal one).

I recently tried a KitKat from Japan, kinako ohagi flavored, they were pretty good and they tasted a bit like peanut butter. I like the packaging, the outer packaging is a box and the 4 KitKats inside are in 2 separate wrappers. Next time I want to try the chocolate sweet potato KitKats and maybe the ginger ale (if they are in stock).

My new favorite beverage, that I make at home, is a caramel vanilla latte. It’s a mix that I buy and make by adding milk and then I put some caramel syrup in it. Yummy. I could go for one now…Be back in a sec! 😉

Went to the store recently where there happened to be Girl Scouts selling their crack, err, cookies…So yeah…Guess what I did. Now I want MORE!

And the last part of my Food Stuffs post is pizza. I think my favorite place to get pizza out here is a place we found at the mall, Luca Pizza. We went there tonight and brought home a large cheese pizza. So good.

Oh yeah! One more thing. I recently discovered that Popcorn, Indiana Kettlecorn is the best popcorn evah!

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