Pet identity crisis!

26 Feb

I joke around that my dog thinks she is a cat, because of the way she will rub against someones legs (you know, the way cats do), but lately I have become convinced that my Akita really is a cat.

We went to the pet store and got a few things for the cat, like capnip, some little ball/bell toys and a catnip mouse. We get home and set the bag down on the coffee table, Ares was right there sniffing away all excited. We pull out the catnip to show Yuki, she didn’t seem interested, then Ares came over, excitedly wagging her tail and sniffing away…Umm…OK…I went into the office where I have a rug set up for the cat, one she can/likes to scratch on, sprinkled some catnip figuring she would take an interest, she walked away, then in comes Ares sniffing at it and lapping it up. *sigh* Back out to the living room where I take out one of those ball/bell things and roll it on the floor for Yuki, Ares wanted to chase it so to distract her I said, “Here, play with this.” and pulled out the catnip mouse…And guess what? Ares happily played with it, she LOVED it! Basically, the dog likes cat toys more than the cat does. And last night Yuki was chasing after me, you know, like a dog would.  Also, I can’t forget about the other day; as Ares was following Yuki around every now and then the cat would meow, then the dog would howl/whine, the weird part was Ares sounded like she was trying to imitate the cat meow…Seriously, at one point the dog sounded like she was meowing…

…I am so confused.

Cat update: After the first few nights Amanda decided she no longer wanted the Yuki in her room overnight because she was waking Amanda up early every morning, usually with a stinky kitty poo…So the kitty now sleeps in the office at night. Things have calmed down a little, Ares doesn’t bother Yuki as much, but she will still follow her around every now and then and if Yuki gets excited and starts to run around Ares will chase her, and that seems to freak Yuki out. Understandable, I know that I’d get freaked out if I had a big dog chasing me around! 🙂

Yuki: This is not what I want to see when I wake up!

Ares: Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Love you!

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