So far this week…

19 Feb

Valentines went pretty good, Ken went out really early to get me some of my favorite chocolates, like Ferrero Rocher (mmm), because he felt bad about not getting me something. Hmm, I should have gotten jewelry out of this! 😉 We had Ceasar salad and I ended up making chicken cacciatore and strawberry trifle for dessert. Ken actually ate everything (even the salad! That is unusual for him. lol) , we ended up splitting one dessert because they were kind of big. I also made a small one for Amanda to try and was surprised that that she liked it, usually she does not like to mix different things together.

The chicken cacciatore looked better than it does in this picture, I swear!

I haven’t been really sick this week or had any accidents, like last week. Yay, me! And, as mentioned in my previous post, I worked from home one day and went in to the office for a half day which led to us bringing home a very friendly, sweet kitty…Who only wants to eat and sleep and always wants someone around her. Yuki stays in Amand’s room at night and has decided that she likes to sleep on the dog bed in there, Ares doesn’t seem to mind. Day 2 with the kitty started off with Ares not wanting anything to do with her, she gave the cat a wide berth whenever she had to pass by her and she would not lie down in her usual spots, like near the couch, because Yuki was on it. Then later that suddenly all changed and I have no clue why. Anytime Yuki got up to explore Ares would constantly follow her around and just kept sniffing at her, sometimes letting out little whines as she did so. If Yuki stopped to lay down, so did Ares.

At one point while Yuki slept on the couch Ares decided she had to come up there as well, usually I don’t like her on the couch, but I didn’t have the heart to kick her off, she just wanted to lie down with her new little friend. 🙂 Because of that I was squished on one side with Yuki right up against me, and partly on me, and Ken was squished on the other side with a dog butt near him…That part amused me.

I was hoping to get out to Borders this weekend, but then I remembered that Ken has an event to work on Saturday. Those always kill our weekends, but we need the money.

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