Stray Cat Strut

18 Feb

A couple days last week, and a day this week, I had been working from home, today Ken called and told me that they wanted me to come into the office and do some stuff after lunch. So of course I went, we get there and find out that they have a stray cat in their yard, they couldn’t keep him because they already have enough animals. Me and Ken went out to have a look at her; she was gobbling up some food that they had given her and when she was done she came out to greet me. Such a sweet little kitty, and painfully thin, the poor thing. And for some reason we decided we would take her home. Yup, so now we have a kitty added to our family!

Here is our sweet little Calico cat, Yuki:

We let Amanda name her, Ken is not good with coming up with names and I have named about a million pets so I figured it was about time for someone else to do it! Amanda choose the name from an Anime/Manga she likes, Vampire Knight. So far all Yuki wants to do is sleep and eat. Ares seems to like her, well at least she hasn’t tried to eat her…Yet. I suspect that Ares is waiting for us to fatten up the kitty for her. 😉

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