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30 Jan

I could not come up with a title for this post. Mainly because it’s not really about anything in particular (like a majority of my posts. lol), I’m mostly just bored.

Christmas went pretty smooth, it was a nice day and I really enjoyed it. I got a few CDs that I wanted and there seemed to be a common theme to them…Check it out; Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Score, Angel: Live Fast, Die Never and Anthony Stewart Head’s Music for Elevators. See the theme? Amanda and me got some Borders gift cards from Kens mom, which was nice, we both love Borders. I also got a $100 gift card for We didn’t do much for New Years, I think we mostly just played World of Warcraft and had a little champagne. Yeah, we’re wild like that. 😉

Last week I managed to make $150 on some unimportant gold jewelry that I sold and this week I worked a couple of days so I made some unexpected money there too. Yay! Because of money problems I canceled mine and Amandas World of Warcraft subscriptions in December (should have done it sooner) when I said I did that (on some internet sites) some people would respond, “You should buy a game card, they cost $30.” Umm…If I had the money for a game card why would I have needed to cancel my subscription in the first place? Let’s use some common sense people, I said I canceled because I have NO money.  But since I just made a little money I renewed my subscription, but only for a month, mainly because I wanted to activate the authentication key that Ken bought me (so there is no way my account can get hacked)…And I get that awesome vanity pet, the core hound pup.

I had been playing the beta for Star Trek Online, I liked it, but it also drove me crazy. Ken wanted to get me the game and a subscription but I don’t want him wasting the money, getting it for himself is one thing, but there is no need to double that expense…the game is $70 or $80 (?), and the life-time sub is $240.  I’m just not that excited about the game, I was until I actually played it. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but not enough to justify that expense for it, it just seems like a waste of money to me.

I’ve already planned our Valentines Day meal. We always have dinner at home for Valentines Day after the disaster of the first Valentines Day that I was out here, when Ken thought it would be nice to take me out to eat…But he didn’t think to make a reservation, and even if he did it would have been miserable trying to eat out. People were insane! All the places we stopped at were crazy busy and at one place some jackass pushed me, glared at me and even swore at me…All I was doing was standing there trying to stay out of everyone’s way…I was like, “WTF?” but I managed to keep my ‘Boston temper’ in check, I figured it’s not worth it, besides his girlfriend looked mortified by of his actions. I can not see how all that insanity could make for a nice romantic night out…So I told him to just take me to a store and we’ll buy some steaks that I can cook up, which was what I had originally wanted to do anyway. This year I’ll be making lasagna (which I haven’t made in forever), a Cesar salad and an English triffle for dessert.

I guess that’s about it. Gonna spend the weekend cleaning and stuff, but I’m hoping to head to Borders tomorrow to veg out and read some graphic novels, like the “Angel” one I started reading. Then after that head to Dunkin Donuts to get us all our drinks; I get a dunkachino, Ken gets a white hot chocolate and Amanda gets the hot chocolate. I don’t get drinks at the cafe in Borders anymore, too expensive.

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