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21 Dec

I can’t believe Christmas is almost here!

I tried, and failed, at getting Ken one more gift (I was only able to buy him one this year). Though I did find something for him, it was just something I gave to him right away since it was a Christmas stocking and I wanted to hang it. We had been talking the last couple of Christmases how Ken was the only one who does not have a stocking that represents his personality/interests, he just had a ‘generic’ Xmas stocking, so when I was at the mall and saw a “Star Trek” stocking I just had to get it for him! In the end even though I could not find him another gift, at least I found him that. đŸ™‚ Amanda has a “Naruto” stocking and I have a “Nightmare Before Christmas” one…

While we were at the mall looking around Amanda bought me a pair of earbuds for my mp3 player, and they were Nightmare Before Christmas ones! She’s so sweet. But I’m surprised she didn’t wait until Christmas to give them to me. She also got Ken a little something, but I told her to give it for Christmas.

This week I will be making chocolate chip, snickerdoodle and gingerbread cookies! I will also be making some apple crisp, which is really yummy with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup. I also want to make some sort of bread, maybe a cranberry one and pumpkin. Our Christmas dinner will simply be brown sugar ham, mashed sweet potatoes, corn on the cob and dinner rolls then after we eat we’re going to watch the movie UP.

The day after Christmas we will all go see the new Sherlock Holmes movie that is coming out, then maybe we can go and hang out at Borders for a bit since I don’t do that much anymore and after that head to Dunkin Donuts where I usually get a Dunkachino, Ken gets a white hot chocolate and Amanda gets a regular hot chocolate. Normally I would get a caramel latte at the cafe in Borders, but I simply can’t afford those right now, so Dunkins it is. heh

Ken’s birthday is coming up on the 31st, and I’m planning on making him lasagna (which I haven’t made in forever) and of course I’ll bake him a cake. I’d like to get him a present, but first I have to sell my old gold jewelry (stuff from ex) and see how much money I can make from it. I wish I had thought to bring it on my recent trip to the mall, but I am lame and forgot all about the stuff. *sigh*

Recently we all watched The Lord of the Rings trilogy together. It took us six days since we watched the extended versions and decided to watch each one a half at a time. I love those movies and always feel sad when I am done watching them. It was Amandas first time seeing them, she liked the movies, except for the part with the huge spider (I forget the spiders name), her reaction was hilarious. lol Me and Amanda have also been watching Christmas movies on hulu, it reminded me of when we spent this past Halloween watching Halloween movies all day on the Disney channel (Halloweentown ones & T*Witches). I love watching movies together!

Anyway, looking forward to having a nice, relaxing Christmas…And of course looking forward to the food. mmm food…This blog post has made me really hungry…I should know better than to write about food.

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