Japanese Snacks

04 Dec

Obviously if you live in Japan it’s a lot easier for you to get some Japanese snacks, but I live in the states and out here if you’re lucky enough you might have an Asian grocery store in your area that might carry all sorts of goodies, but not everyone has that, and even if they do sometimes they don’t carry a whole lot. That’s where one of my favorite sites comes in, Asian Food Grocer, I just got a package from them today…

They sell a lot more than just snacks, but so far that is all I have ever bought from them. I found their site sometime around 2006, up ’til that point the only Japanese snack I had been able to find at local places, like the mall or Walmart, was pocky. When I first started to search online for places that sold Japanese snacks I kept coming up with sites that only offered items in bulk, I had no desire or reason to buy in bulk, and the very few places that I didn’t have to buy in bulk charged outrageous amounts of money for shipping so when I happened upon the Asian Food Grocer site I was pleasantly surprised.

These are some places where I’ve found Japanese snacks:
FYE and Borders/Waldenbooks both carry a small variety of Japanese snacks (various pocky, gummies, ramune, etc) Also, if your mall still has them, Suncoast carries snacks as well. Walmart carries ‘basic’ pockey (choice of strawberry or chocolate), and they cost about $1 a box.

If you were wondering, below are the price differences between and places mentioned above, like FYE…

Almond Crush Pocky AFG: $4.49 – FYE: $7
Ramune Soda AFG: $1.78 – FYE: $3-4
Glico Strawberry Pocky AFG: $.99 – FYE: $2
Kasugai Gummy AFG: $2.89 – FYE: $5

Shipping costs with AFG are pretty cheap, and they have a huge variety of things to choose from, so it’s worth it to put in an order. And some times you will find that AFG will be offering discounts on some items, or even 10% off your whole order (check coupon code websites).

To summon up: If you don’t have an Asian grocery store near you then in my opinion the best place to get your Japanese snacks (and other Asian things) is So head over there to see what they carry for Pocky, Ramune, Japanese Kit Kats, Gummies, Chocolate, Hello Kitty snacks, and so much more. You’ll love the choices!

And because I know you were curious 😉 …My recent orders (seen in photo at top of page) from AFG consisted of:
Melon Pan (bread)
Hello Kitty Lottepie
Chocolate Fruit Gummy 4-pack (gummy flavors are: strawberry, orange, apple and grape)
Almond Crush Pocky
Strawberry Pocky
Strawberry Ramune soda
Strawberry filled Biscuits
Strawberry Chocolate
Not pictured:
Mango Ramune Soda
Strawberry Hi-Chew

There’s a bunch of strawberry stuff because they are stocking stuffers for my daughter and she loves strawberry flavored snacks and drinks.

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