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29 Nov

Well it’s that time of year where I start looking for those seasonal jobs that should be available, I see places saying they are hiring for them, but they don’t seem to want to hire me for them. It’s pretty lame when I can’t even get one of those jobs. *sigh*

So yeah, money problems are getting worse. So as always the job I have now is not steady work, they need to have a race happening in order for there to be something for me to do. Though I understand from my boyfriend that his grandfather thought I would come into work even when there are none, not sure where this is coming from because not only is there nothing for me to do at those times, but they really can’t be paying me when they don’t have the money to (no race=no money). Kens grandmother commented one day, fairly recently, that they only need me the week before a race, which makes sense, so I have no clue what his grandfather is thinking. I don’t want to go there with nothing, or little, to do and have them pay me for it, even if I do need the money. I don’t take advantage of people like that.

Even though I have money problems I know something will work out, something always does. I have enough in my account to cover me for a couple of months, plus I have some gold jewelry I am going to sell (some stuff that was from my ex) then by the time that all runs out I should be getting my tax returns back. Hopefully though, within that time, I can find a more permanent job, even something part-time will do, as long as it’s weekly. As long as I make enough to survive then I am happy. And as crazy as this sounds I’d love to work for another school kitchen, I really liked that job. Plus it was nice having all those holidays off. 🙂

Christmas this year will be rather skimpy, like I assume it will be for a lot of people. I just ordered Ken and Amanda one present each from Amazon, and I think that is all I will be able to afford, but I just wanted to be able to give them something at least. And of course there will be stocking stuffers, I already ordered some for Amanda from Asian Food Grocer, some Japanese snacks that she loves. Speaking of Christmas, we will be putting up our tree and decorations later! yay!

I have another reason I need money, besides all the regular, “need to pay bills and buy food” stuff. Amanda needs some dental work done, stuff that will get expensive. I found a free clinic type of place, but I am not sure I can get her in there and I am not sure what they cover. You can only call them the first monday of every month (starting?) at 8am so I have to wait until December 7th to call. I also have a credit card that should be able to cover a lot of the stuff that she needs done. I just want her to be happy with her smile, so I’ll do what I have to. Oh, and we have to take her to the Boys & Girls club next week. I’m so glad that they have teen hours there, and so much for them to do and the help they offer with homework and job preparation. It’s great!

Now I know that I mentioned our car problems in previous posts, but I think I forgot to mention that sometime next year we will be looking into getting a Cube, Ken wants one real bad and it would be so much better than what we have now. OK, almost anything is better than what we have now. So a new car is another reason I hope to find a job soon!

I have so much on my mind, but I guess that’s about it for now I am finally feeling sleepy so off to bed with me.

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