The car issue

18 Aug

OK so last week I posted about what happened to our car. Well the next day after the accident Ken managed to get the passenger door to open, which I was very happy about. Yesterday him and his grandfather took the car to a shop to get an estimate of the damage…I forget at the moment what he said it came to but since it came to more that what the car was worth (as we knew it would) the car is considered totaled. Not sure what this means as far as what happens next, I’ve never had a problem like this before with a car. *sigh*

We also might have an opportunity to get another car because Brooke, Kens cousins girlfriend, might be getting more money at work and if she does they want to get rid of her car and get a new one. Eric, Kens cousin, said he would sell it to him for $5000. My only concern is that Brooke got into a car accident once and I have no clue if the car has problems. I really do not want to end up with another clunker. But if the car is in decent shape it would be a lot better than what we have now. I can just picture it…Quiet, 4-door, trunk, AC and so on. Sounds like a dream. 😉

I should note that if Ken was not obsessed with spending money and charging up cards on all the latest technology we would probabaly be able to go and get a damn car without having to do it through family. But he spends a good thousand (for all I know more) a month to pay off all his computers (and mine and Amandas) and various other techy things. Geek.

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