The Bright Side

14 Aug

Things keep breaking and I think Ken is feeling a little stressed over it. He needs to be like me and look at the bright side! 🙂

The other day, which I already posted about, our car got sideswiped and we could not get the passenger door to open (this is piled on a bunch of other problems the car already has, also mentioned in my other post). The bright side: The car still works, it gets us places. If it didn’t we’d be really screwed. Thankfully yesterday Ken messed around with the door and it now opens again! Yay! We really do need a new car though.

Yesterday Ken said something about the toilet handle in our bathroom being too loose so he tightened it,  I had noticed it felt a bit ‘off’ as well…But later on Ken flushed it and the handle broke…So now we can’t use our bathroom (til we get a new handle). The bright side: We have 2 bathrooms.

My keyboard started acting all funky yesterday and can no longer be used. The bright side: Still had an old one laying around that works (though it is not as cool as my newer one).

But straying from the bright side of things, we have way too much that needs to be fixed/replaced and it can be overwhelming. Some of it are small things but when added to everything else it all seems to be too much. Here is a list of our stuff (excluding what is mentioned above)…

Need to…
get tiles for bathroom wall because of water damage (which has caused mold problems).
replace a doorknob.
replace a bedroom door because of a hole.
patch up a wall with a big hole.
fix another wall that has water damage.
figure out how to clean the hot tub, it is a mess.
stain the deck.
fix, possibly replace, the backdoor (sliding glass door).
fix the broken light post in our yard.
get rid of the horrible weed problem.
eventually replace the kitchen floor, due to a spot that is burned.

We just do not have the money to do anything, even some of the simplest do it yourself projects so we certainly can’t hire people. It sucks. Where is that bright side again? I forget. heh

I am probably forgetting stuff and will end up adding to this list another time. *sigh*

I need a break. Haven’t been to the bookstore in forever and unfortunately Ken works this weekend. I just want to go there to relax and unwind while doing some reading (of the books/graphic novels that I can’t afford).

Update (8/18):
We fixed the toilet handle the next day and while we were at the hardware store we also bought a new door knob for that door I mentioned. Though it is still not put in, at least we have it. lol

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