06 Aug

unfortunately we will not be able to attend GenCon this year, we simply do not have the money. It was a lot of fun last year and we got to see some great costumes, buy some cool things (like a signed copy of The Guild season 1), checked out some games and Amanda got to watch some new/different anime and of course get some anime related items. I wish we had a convention that had a bit more to it though. GenCon is mostly about games, board games and whatever. I love games, but would like to see more. Basically I want a different convention. lol Something with equal and awesome doses of; Games (online, PC, board, card etc), sci-fi (books, tv, movies), fantasy (books, tv, movies), anime/manga and have some actual guests (like at the others conventions). All we got for guests last year at GenCon were David Faustino (Bud on Married With Chidren), who never seemed to be there, some people from “Who wants to be a Superhero” (I think that’s the name) and Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca). Peter is cool and all, but let’s face it…that is not much of a guest list and it was kind of sad because it seemed like no one cared to meet any of them. Though I was happy when I found out that Wizards of the coast had R.A. Salvatore hanging out (love his books!). I was hoping to go this year because it was fun, even though some things were disappointing. *sad face*

So thanks to a killer migraine and feeling sick I have missed work this week (my 3 whole days lol). So I spent my time, when I wasn’t down with bad migraine pain, playing WoW, on my main raising my rep. Lv 80 and was only exalted with Stormwind (and I play a Night Elf heh) So now the only Alliance faction I have left to reach exalted with is Gnomeregan Exiles…Just realized this is turning into a geek post. Am I really this much of a geek? *sigh*

Hope I feel better tomorrow because I want to head out to the bookstore and finish reading that Buffy graphic novel I started a couple weeks ago (volume 2 of season 8). Yes, that is how I like to spend my Friday nights…Hmm…guess I really am that much of a geek. Oh well. 😛

Being sick makes me feel so damn bored and restless. Ahhh!

OK since I have nothing else to do off to gain rep with the gnomes. lol

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Posted by on August 6, 2009 in Geek Things


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