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20 Jul

Nothing ever happens, which is why I never post. *sigh*

Well I haven’t been able to work lately because there simply was nothing for me to do but I should be going back this week because we have a race coming up on the weekend and another one the weekend after that. Which is good because I am about to run out of money. Then it slows down for another couple of weeks, but picks up again on August 22 then stays steady until at least the end of September. We don’t seem to have anything for October yet (if we will at all) but at least there’s couple for November. So I need to be extra careful with my money.

Went to a couple of movies this month. Saw Transformers 2 in imax with Ken and Amanda, a lot of people are saying they hated it, but I liked it (liked the first one better though) then I went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with Amanda (Ken is not an HP fan). I wanted to see it in imax but the stupid theater won’t have it until the end of the month, bastards! Of course the movie was packed, worse part about that was the couple who sat next to me. They never shut up and they didn’t even whisper. Everyone around them kept glaring, but they seemed not to care. People like that need to be hung. Also, infants and toddlers need to be banned from movies (and some restaurants). Who the hell wants to hear a baby crying or small children loudly whining throughout a movie (or a nice dinner)? No one, that’s who. If you can’t find a baby sitter then stay the hell home. Grrr.

My 37th b’day was on the 8th…Thirty-seven…Sometimes I forget that I am that old! lol Ken got me a cupcake cake for my b’day and season 7 of Smallville (BluRay). It was a nice day! 🙂

cupcake cake

Geek news: On July 4th I finally got my main toon in WoW to level 80! Also Amanda is now playing the game so the 3 of us started toons on a new realm. We rolled Night Elves; Amanda is a hunter, Ken is a warrior and I am a priest. At level 20 we decided to see if we could take on deadmines, we did and only wiped twice…Other than that we kicked ass! 😀
Finished watching all my Buffy and Angel DVDs (we had been watching those every night) and now I feel sad that we are done with them, so I started reading Buffy season 8 and Angel season 6 graphic novels at the bookstore! We also finished watching our afternoon DVD show, which was ST:DS9 and have started to watch season 1 of Sci-fi’s The Invisible Man, I still miss that show! Season 2 is on, sadly not on DVD…I hope they release it on DVD but for now I will have to watch it on hulu (once I am done with season 1 of course).

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