Where I come from…

29 May

we do not leave our car doors unlocked, like ever. Sometimes not even when you are in the car and driving. Seriously.

we never leave a car window open unless in the car and even then you close them real fast when you are about to drive through certain neighborhoods.

we call ice cream sprinkles “jimmies”.

fluffernutters are a staple of childhood. And you make them with Marshmallow FLUFF, not creme!

there were a ton of stores and places to eat in walking distance.

I had a bus stop right around the corner from my house, so I could easily get to the places I couldn’t walk to.

6 inches of snow is considered a dusting.

there are at least 24 Dunkin Donuts within 15 minutes of your house. I actually had 2 that were only 5 minutes away.

you would often find a packie right near those Dunkin Donuts (at least in my city). Don’t know what a “packie” is, do you? (see below)

we call liquor stores “packies”.

In Indy…

People often leave car doors unlocked and windows open, even in store parking lots! WTF?!?

I got a weird look at the ice cream place when I asked for jimmies once. (I wasn’t aware no one else called them that lol)

My boyfriend was deprived of that simple childhood pleasure that is a fluffernutter. I have since introduced him to them and he likes them! Also found out that fluffernutters originated in New England (though have since made their way around the country and in some cases world. Yay fluffernutters!)

There is nothing in walking distance. Nada.

The nearest bus stop is 1/2 an hour away, which would have been OK except that there are no sidewalks and sometimes no pavement at all (unless I want to walk in traffic). Makes me sad.

They announce that 2″ of snow is expected and schools get closed, people do panic ‘stock piling’ shopping and when it falls people suddenly can’t drive and cause accidents and even pile ups like crazy. Pathetic.

I think I have seen only 1 Dunkin Donuts. So weird.

I compiled this because since I moved I often find myself saying things that start with “Where I come from….” Some of the things on this list I got from online lists, but they are things that anyone back home can tell you and stuff I often say.
I will probably add more to this as more things happen, or as I remember them. 🙂

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