Amanda stuff

27 Apr

Amanda has asked me to cut her hair “short”. Not sure why all of a sudden because I thought she was happy to finally have her hair grow out long again. There was a time, about 6 years ago, when she first got alopecia and the Doctor said it would be a good idea to cut her hair shorter so that some of the weight would be taken off of it because the heavy hair was not helping the hair loss problem. So anyway back at that time she had asked me to cut it like Sailor Mercury’s hair, 🙂 so this time I have been searching the net for anime inspired hair styles for her. Hopefully I can cut her hair into a really cute shoulder length ‘anime’ style. So later on I will get to that task, and hopefully she will let me take a photo of her new hair style. I was glad when she asked me to cut it though because her hair has been looking kind of, drab, I guess you could say. It just kind of hangs there and does not flatter her, and she never really does anything with it. So maybe I can make it look really cute, where she won’t have to do much and it won’t be a lot of hassle to manage it.

Other stuff…

Amanda’s birthday went good. She loves her iPod nano, of course. And after we got back from eating at Culvers we all hung out a little just watching some TV. Also as part of her b’day her and I were supposed to go to the movies (“17 Again”) but I have been sick all weekend with a migraine so we will go later, after the hair cut. So we are looking forward to the movies later! And I am sure Ken will be happy to get some peace and quiet and get some work done, not that he ever complains but I am kind of a pain in the butt always teasing him. It’s fun, I can’t help it!

Oh, and we are going to buy her a new computer. The one she has been using finally died. Just a cheap one, nothing fancy. She really only uses it to get online and stuff. It’s an expense we really can’t afford but we’ll figure it out. And we just spent $140 on that iPod. *sigh*

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Posted by on April 27, 2009 in Geek Things, Home Life


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