24 Apr

July 4th of last year me, Ken and Amanda (and Ares, of course) were on our patio having a little cookout and as we were sitting at the deck set eating and joking around I happened to look over to where the back porch light is, which is right outside the door…And what did I happen to see? A nest and four little baby bird heads poking out waiting for some food. It was so darn cute, but I felt bad that we were keeping mommy and daddy robin from feeding the babies and since we were pretty much done we packed it up and went inside.

Here is one of the photos from last years nest, this was taken maybe a day or two before they left the nest…


Robins - July 2008

Well anyway, the robins are back again this year! The weird part is that a week or two ago we noticed some robins hanging around our patio. And on at least two occasions, that we witnessed anyway, one of them would stand right at our backdoor (a sliding glass door) and seemed to be looking in (even tapped the door with it’s beak one of those times) while the other stood on the banister of the patio. Then just a few days ago, the 20th, we saw the nest on our back porch light (yet again!), took a photo and saw that one egg had already been laid! So this year we are going to document by taking a photo every day! Seems they are stopping at three this year. It will be fun watching the whole precess this year. Last year we only saw about a week of it, I have no clue how we did not notice the nest before then since it takes 2 weeks for the eggs to hatch the I think another 2 weeks before the babies are ready to leave the nest. At least this year we get to hang out with the robins for awhile longer. 🙂

Robins Eggs - April 2009

Robins Eggs - April 2009

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