Amandas Birthday Plans

18 Apr

My daughters 17th birthday is coming up on Friday, the 24th. For starters I am going to make her a chocolate cake, which is her favorite. We got her an iPod nano and will also give her $30 in a card. Oh, and the card was this really cute one I found that had a kitty dressed as a frog! lol So anyways, after Ken gets out of work on Friday we will give her the gift then we are going out to eat at Culvers. I already know what I want to eat, a Grilled Ruben Melt and maybe get a root beer. Very yummy. Then Saturday night Amanda and I will go to the movies to see 17 Again, Ken gets left out because it’s not one he wants to see :P.  He’ll be happy just staying home to get some work done on his website.

And something I thought was pretty cool…Amanda got a surprise gift about a week ago when a package came in the mail for her, it had a figure in it. She has her Amazon wishlist on a site she frequents and evidently one of her friends on there bought her a birthday present. How nice! She was really surprised and happy about that. 🙂

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Posted by on April 18, 2009 in Home Life, thoughts


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