The world is a mess…

12 Apr

and I just need to rule it. – Dr. Horrible (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Wow, so….my life is boring. And yet, I still feel like blogging. *sigh*

This is what I have been up to lately…it’s not much…cause you know, I have no life.

Been checking out that Tokyo Stormtrooper guys website,, mainly because he has these great photo articles he does and I have a fascination for Japanese culture so I have really been enjoying looking at his photos and seeing what he has to say. It’s the only site I have found like that, wish there were more out there for other cultures too.

Watching a lot of and waiting for the aliens to come and eat/drink my brain goo. Just finished watching ‘John Doe’…They seriously needed to make a season 2 of that show. Or at least a TV movie to clear up a few things and not have a cliffhanger ending like that. Another show gone before it’s time. Stupid networks. Oh…And I forgot how awesome ‘Doogie Howser’ was…But of course it does star Neil Patrick Harris and he is beyond awesome so it is to be expected. ;). Must find another series to watch on there, one I haven’t seen. Maybe ‘Arrested Development’?

Haven’t been feeling too great lately and ended up missing 2 days of work a couple weeks ago (and I only work 3 days) then the following week I thought I would make a whole week but when I went in on my 3rd day I was feeling really funky so I went home. Oh, Kens grandparents have a new cat, a cute little gray kitten who wandered into their yard. It likes to jump on my shoulders and walk on me while eating my hair. LOL And this is work related because it was hanging around the office with us. heh

Me, Ken and Amanda had one of our pizza and movie nights about a week ago. There wasn’t much to choose from with OnDemand but we decided on watching The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. Seemed like the only one all of us would like. And we ordered Hungry Howies pizza which we haven’t had in awhile, good pizza. mmm. We all went to the mall yesterday where Amanda decided to spend some of the money I got back in tax returns. I didn’t even get myself anything. *shrug* She got some of her typical stuff, manga, nail polish, a plushie and a Fall Out Boy CD…That might be about it. So that means we hit Borders, Hot Topic and FYE. While at the mall we hit, what I have decided is my favorite pizza place out here, Luca Pizza. Got some cheese pizza and breadsticks. yummy. After that we went to Best Buy where Amanda spent more of my money on a PS2 game, it was a Neopets game that was only $10. Friday Ken and I had to get some grocery shopping done but we decided to turn it into a mini geek date first. We hit Skyline Chili, I love getting the buffalo chicken salad there, and then we went to Borders and I got my caramel latte and we read some magazines. Then we went to get groceries…How exciting.

Easter today. Gonna make ham for me and Amanda and terriyaki chicken for Ken. Also gonna make some corn on the cob, sweet potatoes and rolls. Gave Amanda some Easter candy, Twilight DVD, Vampire Knight stickers (import from Japan) and a pin from Final Fantasy (wolf head?). I gave Ken some Easter candy, he was surprised because he thought we wouldn’t do anything for each other, which I wasn’t planning on but I thought it would be a cute surprise, it was and he liked it. 🙂 We all colored eggs, which for some reason is fun…I think it’s because I like all the colors.

Guess that about covers everything.

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