23 Mar

The title sums it up. Can’t exactly blog when there is nothing to blog about…Basically, nothing ever happens, ever. That is my life. *shrug*

Even though my life is dull I felt like blogging anyway. It’s because I am up late and bored. Yay boredom.

Job: I mentioned recently how one of the employees quit…She was gone for a couple of weeks but she is back again. Though now she works part-time, so she will be working 3 days a week like me. Other than that work hasn’t changed much. Still no jobs out here so I am just glad to have something. I just hope they don’t feel obligated to have me there becasue it’s not like they are made of money.

Home: I managed not to puke at that fish fry we went to a couple of weeks back, but the smell did almost get to me. It’s not something I will ever do again, no offense to anyone but it is just not my thing. I am a city girl…I mean, a fish fry in a barn with a bunch of people I had never met who prayed before the meal. I felt really, really, really, REALLY out of place. Other than that not much happening on the home front. Ken, Amanda and I play Rock Band quite a lot lately, that has been fun! And of course I have been reading my new Legend of Drizzt book (Collectors Edition book 3) and love it, duh! Drizzt is awesome. 🙂

Random: Still have not gone to the movies, I was hoping to see Watchmen but it hasn’t happened. So no actual dates lately, except the occasional “Geek Date” where we hit Borders, Comic Carnival and Skyline Chili. I am going to get Amanda the Twilight DVD and probably give it  to her for Easter. For her birthday, which is coming up on April 24th,  Ken and I are getting her an iPod nano, which isn’t exactly cheap. She loves listening to her music and all she has an old, cheap mp3 player and has been wanting an iPod so I thought it would be nice to get it for her.

Hmm…That is all I can think of. So bored.

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