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07 Mar

Just a bunch of randomness…

The only non-family member where Ken works decided to quit so that means that I can now work a little more, do some other things around there and such maybe make my job a bit more steady. But to be honest I have no desire to work there full-time and have all the responsibilities that she did. I know that is weird coming from someone who has been complaining, since October 2007, that there are no jobs out here…But I have my reasons. Mainly it is too stressful and I just don’t need that. Plus I have a lot to do at home and do not feel like working full-time and then having to come home just to “work” some more…That would just add to the stress that I would be getting at work.

I just did our tax returns. This is evidently the first year Ken has not owed money to the state, instead he is getting back about $200 from them. Unfortunately this happens to be the first time I have ever owed money to the state…Go figure. But only $24. We are both getting back money from federal, not much but that’s fine.

Sunday we are going to a fish fry, in a barn, that some friends of Kens grandparents are having. This is a first for me pretty sure I have never even seen a barn and I don’t think I ever heard of a fish fry. I probably should not be going to this…I happen to hate, no make that, truly despise fish…and so does Amanda. The smell makes me want to throw up, I just can’t take it. Oh well, I will just have to deal with it and hope that there is something there that we can eat.

Hopefully we will be having a “geek date” soon. Maybe go see Watchmen, or something.

I am almost done with one of my Legend of Drizzt Collector Edition books…And the latest one just came out and I really want to get it! As I sit here I can look up and see my awesome poster I got at GenCon of Drizzt and Guenhwyvar!

The weather today was so nice and it is supposed to stay nice all weekend. Yay! But I am sick so I’m not enjoying it as much as I would like to. Boo.

Hmm..Well I guess that is all that has been going on. Time to get back into the world of my Drow friend, Drizzt. 😉

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