Videos that make me smile

23 Feb

But I am weird, so other people may look at them and scratch their heads and wonder what is wrong with me LOL

Tokyo Dance Trooper How can anyone not love a dancing Stormtrooper?

Where the Hell is Matt? (make sure to click the “watch in HD” option)A guy named Matt dancing badly all over the world! w00t! There is actually a pretty cool story behind this…One time he decided to travel all over the world, took his saving and just did it. He started a website for his family and friends to keep track of where he was and at some point he met up with a friend who thought it would be a great idea to have Matt do his weird little dance for the camera in different locations to make it more entertaining…Then somehow it spread all over the net and he became kind of famous for it…Then he even got sponsors who sent him all over the world to do it again! It’s just really neat.

Geek Love Song Too bad that I found it a little late for Valentines day, but it is never too late to spread the geek love!

I know that I have just enlightened your lives and made feel happy when you were down…No need to thank me. 😉

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