Geek Date.

21 Feb

Haven’t been able to go on one lately for various reasons, but hopefully soon. Oh and a “Geek Date” is basically us going to Borders and hanging out in the cafe with our drinks (me: caramel latte – him: coca trio) and something to read (me: Dresden Files – him: web design magazines) next stop is the comic book store where we look at all the cool, geeky things and socialize with other geeks like us and the final stop is getting something to eat at Skyline Chili! It’s our thing and we like it!

With the Watchmen movie coming out soon it looks like I will have a ‘real’ geek date to look forward to! 🙂

So “Geek Dates” are one of my favorite things to do. My other favorite thing to do is to make a pizza and have all three of us watch a movie together! Last time we all watched The Forbidden Kingdom. Was quite surprised to see Bruins posters on the kids wall! lol Go Bruins!

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