26 Jan

After thinking about places I miss back home I was trying to come up with things that I like out here, but since I have only been here a little over a year I can’t come up with much. I also have other things that stand in my way, like the fact that nothing is in walking distance and I love walking to places.

All I could come up with out here that I like is Borders and a comic book store that we go to, I think it is called Comic Carnival (not sure). Both places are right near each other in a shopping center. Hanging out at Borders is something I have always liked so that one is obvious. I always go to their cafe, get a caramel latte and read some magazines or a book and just relax. The comic book store is awesome because it has some cool stuff and, well, it’s just so geeky. And I love geeky.

I also like going out to eat at places like Steak and Shake, Skyline Chili, Panda Express or Fazolis (all cheap places)…Though I never really get to go out and eat much but on the rare occasion that we do I like to hit the cheap places because I try to save some money. But I would love to go out for a really nice steak mmm. And even though I don’t get to do it much, I love going to the movies. Which reminds me…a good movie needs to come out because I want us all (me, Ken and Amanda) to go out grab something to eat and go to a movie together. We haven’t done that since, I think since Hancock came out?

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got. For now. Oh…The mall we go to is OK, not really a big fan of malls but I do like having the ability to go to different stores without driving all over the place. Speaking of, we are all going to the mall tomorrow because I have to get my ring inspected. It’s best to hit the mall on a weird day, like Tuesday, and avoid the weekend crowds (I hate crowds). Amanda has a little money she wants to spend so of course we will be hitting all the usual places, Hot Topic, FYE and Borders…But I don’t like Borders in the mall (too small) maybe we should hit Barnes and Nobles instead, there is one attached to the mall (can’t reach it from inside of the mall though).

Now I am babbling (do I ever do anything else?) so I think I am done. 🙂

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