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04 Jan

I did a post like this some months back, but I am doing it again. Basically it is about things I miss back home in Massachusetts. This is brought to you by the fact that I have been up all night and am bored…

The Loop A Shopping Center in Methuen, MA. I went almost every weekend with my daughter and we would make a day of it. We would mostly hang out at Borders and do some reading and get something at their cafe. Sometimes we would also go see a movie if anything we wanted to see was out (like Harry Potter movies, Pirates of the Caribbean etc) And we would always grab a bite to eat at either Not Your Average Joes, Quiznos or sometimes Wendys. My daughter loved shopping at Claires and buying manga at Borders. Then after that we would head over to Walmart so she could buy trading cards then we would do the boring stuff, grocery shopping at Market Basket. Heck, I even miss Market Basket.

Not Your Average Joes I used to love going out to eat there when I would go to the Loop. I loved the bread and oil they served and whenever we went my daughter would stuff herself on the bread, one time our waiter gave us some to take home because she liked it so much. 🙂 One of my favorite meals to get there was the mustard crusted chicken.

Papa Ginos A local chain back home and my favorite pizza place. I just love their cheese pizza and the cinnamon sticks!

Bertuccis An Italian restaurant, I love Italian food but for some reason I only ever had their brick oven pizza. It was so good. I used to get sun-dried tomatoes on it. mmm

Margaritas A great Mexican restaurant I really enjoyed. The last time I went there is was my friend Alanas birthday, seemed every time we went out to eat together it was for Mexican food. And yes, I had them sing Happy Birthday to her. lol

Pizza Depot I had not been there for a long time, mainly because it was kind of out of the way, but I used to love the place. They had great pizza and one of my favorite things to get there was the sirloin tip meal which came with fries and a salad (looking at the menu seems they don’t have it anymore). they also had this really good baklava I would get.

Lawton’s A neat little, and I mean little, place in Lawrence, MA that are famous for their hot dogs.

Andover High School, as in where I used to work. The kitchen was a fun place to work and I loved everyone I worked with. You might think that being a lunch lady was easy, but we were not the stereotypical lunch ladies you may remember from when you were in school (and I think a lot of schools are still like that). believe it or not we actually cooked and prepared fresh foods. We worked our butts off and in less hours than most lunch ladies do. But that was fine because there was a great staff and we joked around all day and got along great. The students and faculty even liked coming to the cafeteria and we got to know quite a few of them. I know being a lunch lady sounds like a lame job but it was my favorite out of all the jobs I have had and I doubt I will find something that I like that much again.

And one thing I miss in New Hampshire…

The Mall at Rockingham Park I actually don’t like malls, but for some reason when I think about places I miss I also thought about this mall. The times when the weather was really bad making it hard to walk around The Loop we would go here instead. It was funny too because the employees in Borders, Hot Topic and Suncoast (when they still had one) all knew us. This would sometimes score my daughter a free item, or get me an occasional discount. I really liked that the employees got to know us and would talk with us. It was nice. So yeah, our regular places in the mall were Borders, Hot Topic and Suncoast. We would also hit Claires, FYE and GameStop and look around those places too. But I think Amandas favorite place was Suncoast because they had a lot of anime and she was always finding anime soundtracks and Japanese snacks. At the time Suncoast was the only place you could find some of that stuff. We’d go to the food court and get something to eat from places like Cinnabon, Roman Delight Pizza, D’Angelos, Famous Franks and sometimes we would just get some ice cream from Brigham’s or maybe go to Pretzel Time.

Can you tell I was hungry as I wrote all this stuff? There is a lot of stuff about food. lol

Everything is different now and I am having trouble finding a place where I “belong” out here. It kind of makes me sad.

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