My Boyfriend’s Birthday.

01 Jan

Kens 25th birthday was on Dec. 30th. I am pretty much poor so there was not a whole heck of a lot I could do for him. So I decided to make a cake (of course)…But the night before (about 11:30pm) as I was making it were were goofing around I wasn’t paying attention and the cake mix became unusable. That made me feel miserable so Ken hugged me and told me he was going to go out and get a box of cake mix, he should have been trying to relax so he could go to sleep since he, unlike me, had to work the next day. Not only did he come home with cake mix but he also had a bottle of Baileys for me (it’s my favorite)! So… Take 2: This time I get it mixed no problem get it in the cake pans and put them in the oven…When I went to take them out I found out that the cakes some how baked so they turned out all lopsided. Later when they cooled I frosted them. And of course the frosting was working against me. For some reason it just would not spread right. I took my time frosting the cake and writing “Happy Birthday” on it and it turned out looking like something a little kid made. I tried my hardest but in the end the cake was just all lopsided and messy looking. *sigh* But he said it looked fine. Silly boy.

But the cake was not the only thing out to get me. Nope. Pizza was too. The next day his grandparents took him out for lunch for his birthday and since I didn’t have a whole lot to eat at home, at least nothing easy…Normally I would have made a sandwich for myself, but I didn’t have any sandwich meat and I ended up only eating some cheerios and an orange. By the time he got home I was starving and feeling really sick (which makes me cranky…poor Ken) so I had no desire to cook anything as I had planned to because I felt so sick and dizzy. Ken decided to order pizza from Papa John’s. I said something about how I didn’t want pizza, then told him to order it anyway if he wanted to (he could eat pizza everyday and be happy lol). It wasn’t that I didn’t want pizza, I just did not want Papa John’s pizza. For the past year I have not had the heart to tell him that I hate their pizza. But after we got the order I finally had to let him know because this was the worst it had ever been…He didn’t even like it. We had ordered this thin crust pizza they make, I thought it was OK the first time I tried it (but still “blah” about it). We get the pizza and I swear there was no crust because I could not see it under the 50 pounds of cheese that was on it. So I go to pick up a slice of pizza…Now normally the thin crust pizza should be crispy But this was soggy and all the cheese just glomped off the pizza and fell into the box, it was really gross…But I decided to give it a try. I took a bite…and thought I would throw up. The crust (if you can call it that) tasted like wet cardboard and the cheese tasted like…now that I think about it…puke. I admit I have never liked the taste of their cheese, I have no idea what they use or what they do to it but it is nasty. This time though they somehow made it worse than ever. I totally lost my appetite for actual food and reached for the pastry things he also ordered from them…They were burned black. Eww. I ended up calling to complaining and they gave us a credit for the whole order. I wish he could get his money back instead because we have no desire to order from them again. I decided that we will just use the credit to get things like breadsticks and chicken wings and such.

Oh, and I wasn’t even able to get him a present. I basically ran out of money because of Christmas and the fact that there has been no work for me the past few weeks. Next year I will have to make it all up to him.

So yeah…Kens birthday did not go as I had planned but he never once complained. Just hugged me and kissed me. So I ended up not feeling as miserable about it as I could have. 🙂

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Posted by on January 1, 2009 in Home Life, Silly


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