Stray Cat

21 Nov

There is a black and white stray kitty living in my yard. think she has kittens but I’m not sure. I saw her the other day walking past my window with something furry in her mouth at first I thought it might be a mouse but then I noticed she had that belly they get after they have kittens. So I watched her and she went from where this old kids playhouse is to under my shed. And that seems to be where she is staying. I feel bad because it’s so cold out now and I can’t get to them under there but I went out and got some cat food and have been feeding her I have to put the cat bowl almost all the way under the shed for her to eat it because she won’t leave there. I’ve also been giving her warm water because it is so cold out there I am hoping to make it last a bit longer before it freezes. Dunno if it helps or not though. I even tried to give her an old towel to make a bed with but I can’t really get it under the shed and don’t know if cats are capable of dragging things like that around. Well anyway I hope I am helping her and her possible babies with what little I can do.

And what is it about my yard that animals seem to like? I have bunnies living in it all Spring and Summer and I also had a robin who built her nest on top of the back porch light this past summer. That was fun because I went out everyday and peeked in at them so I could watch them grow. So cute.

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Posted by on November 21, 2008 in Life, Pets


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