07 Nov

Who doesn’t love freebies? And since I am pretty much totally broke it makes it all the more sweeter. That is one of the cool things about my kinda-job….Kinda-job means I am working (part-time) but am not officially an employee of where I work. Got that? Good…Now back to freebies…

So I’ve been getting all kinds of goodies left over from some event they put on. Like pepsi, diet pepsi and diet dr. pepper 12 packs. I even got a case of Special-K peanut butter meal bars. Yummy. What else…hmmm…A case of snickerdoodle cookies (I could do without them though heh), cases of All Sport drinks, a bunch of bags of Jolly Rancher and cases of water. I think that’s about it. Oh I forgot about the case of bananas. Yes. Case of bananas.

I wish bananas could last longer cause there is no way I can eat them all. So now I have to make some stuff with all of them like banana bread (or muffins) and some smoothies.

The diet soda has saved me. How? Because I kept drinking my boyfriends non diet soda (only about 1 a day, but still) so now I feel better if I drink a diet one instead. I am also thrilled with the cases of water cause I tend to drink a lot of water and also love the case of Special-K meal bars I happen to like them and they will help me with my plan to lose some weight…which I have not officially started yet.

So yeah I just wanted to talk about freebies. Oh and I helped out more at that job this week. I worked 3 full days I hope they need me next week too!

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Posted by on November 7, 2008 in Life, Silly


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