Part-time job?

29 Oct

The job fairy in Indy does not like me and has seen fit that no matter what I do I can’t get a job out here. But after over a year of living here I might have finally found a job. Maybe…I am not sure if it is going to be offered to me or not. And it is not even a job I applied for.

In my last post I mentioned how I worked a few hours at Kens place of employment (for his grandparents) I was asked to work today as well so I went in with Ken this morning and worked a full day there today doing all the mindless stuff so they could do the things that they needed to focus on (they are really busy right now). Anyway Kens aunt (the mother of his cousin who quit there) quit today. She was planning on leaving at the end of December but some stuff blew up today and she decided she does not want to come back anymore. So I am going in again tomorrow cause there is still a lot of things they need to get done, and most of it by Thursday. So I am helping them with that and hopefully since they have this position open now they will ask me to work there. They know I can’t find a job and I also do not have a car so it works that way too, since Ken and I can go to and from work together. 🙂

So if they ask me I will take it. It’s only 3 days a week but that is fine because at least I will be making some money…Unlike now with the whole not making money thing…which just sucks. Plus with us only working together 3 days a week it ensures that we will not kill each other from over-exposure lol

So yay! Job! *fingers crossed*

10/31 Small update: Just got my pay from the days that I worked and the job pays better than I would have thought…so now I really want it! 😀

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