26 Oct

Not really much to say on the subject but I was bored so here I am.

On Thursday and Friday I actually got to work a little. And I mean VERY little…and I don’t know if it really qualifies as work…But I am getting paid for it at least. On Thursday, sometime after my boyfriend went back to work after lunch, he called me and said they needed some help cutting the corners off these things (they were made wrong and needed adjusting)…So I sat there for over 2 hours cutting them…and on Friday I did it for over 3 hours. Pretty lame, but whatever. I got out of the house and am going to get paid to do something easy so it’s all good. My daughter helped as well (guess you could say it was her first job)…Once she heard money was involved she couldn’t wait. haha

Still haven’t heard back from any jobs I have put in for and lately the jobs are even more scarce. The only ones I can seem to find are places looking for Holiday help. I have been putting in for every place I can because even if I had a job for a coupe of months I’ll be happy with that (for now) and it’ll be a little bit of money that will help out over the holidays. But as usual I hear nothing back.

Ken (the boyfriend) wants to leave his job. It takes up much of his time (lately he has been working everyday) and he is doing a lot more than he wants to do, especially now that his cousin quit. Basically he just wants to do web design and graphics but doesn’t get to do that as much as he would like. Not to mention he works for his grandfather who can have a very bad attitude (to put it mildly). Basically Ken is very unhappy. He does make a decent amount of money though…Yeah that is pretty much the only good thing for him there.

Random bites:

I have recently found out that Hungry Howie’s pizza is really yummy…And now that I mentioned it I want some. mmm

I miss going to Borders, getting a caramel latte and reading magazines (or the recent Dresden Files book). I haven’t been there in what feels like forever. 😦

Been feeling like drawing again these days but haven’t done much of it. Though I recently drew a cartoon version Ken.

About a week ago Ken shaved off his beard. I have never seen him without it before so it freaked me out for a couple of days and all I could do was look at his chin. lol

A recent photo Ken took of us on his Blackberry…

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