Have a life?

14 Oct

If so do you want to share it with me? Pretty please?

Lately I often wonder what it is like to have a life and maybe a friend. I kind of forget.

My life these days; staying home all the time. I really only ever get out to do grocery shopping once a week. You know you’re jealous.

Since I am home all the time you would think that I have a spotless home. But you would be wrong. I am just so bored and lazy. I have absolutely no energy so I don’t feel like doing much but sleep…and play World of Warcraft. heh

I know, I know. Why don’t I do something to change it? I just don’t know how. This place (Indianapolis) is alien to me. I don’t have any friends, can’t find a job, don’t have a car, there is pretty much no public transportation and nothing in walking distance. Back home I had all of those things but since I have moved…Well…Nothing. All I have is my boyfriend to whom I am pretty much a burden because I have to depend on him so much. As far as having no energy I am working on that. I just started to take vitamins again and trying to eat better foods and find a way to be more physically active (like yard work and walking the dog and some exercise) so I can gain more energy and feel like doing things around here again.

Oh…I lied I don’t just go out for grocery shopping. Lately I have been making my boyfriend take me out about once a week for ice cream as well. 😀 It can’t be helped. I love ice cream and the ice cream place will be closing soon! We used to go to Borders once a week to read some magazines and have a drink in the cafe but we don’t do that much anymore. Probably for the best because I can’t afford my caramel latte anymore 😦

Yeah. No point to this really except to whine a little since I don’t blog much…Of course I need a life to actually find something to blog about…Yeah…I’m in a rut here. HELP!?!

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