Jobs in Indy

22 Aug

This is a bit of a rant…

I have been looking for one for almost a year now and can’t figure out what I need to do to actually get one. I never had this trouble back home, sure sometimes it could take a few months, one time it took me 3, maybe 4, at the most. I once worked a little in Graphic Design/Desktop Publishing and as an office assistant. But those are not the jobs I work anymore (for various reasons). My last job was in food service so I have been putting in for those and retail jobs. Another difference between here and back home is there are a lot less jobs in Indy than I would find back in MA.

My last job shows stability; I was there for over 4 years, the only reason I left was because I moved from Massachusetts to Indiana. And I very rarely took sick days, almost never. Except when I really had to because working with food it is not usually a good idea to be hacking, sneezing and coughing all over it. Also I’m a hard worker, used to fast paced environments, fast learner, always smiling, helpful, friendly, good with customers, work well with others, I can adapt to pretty much anything and all that good stuff that you need to be when you have a job. I am not picky on what I do or on what I get paid. I don’t care if it is part time or full time I am slightly flexable with hours and I plan on actually staying at where ever it is that I can find a job. Especially since it is so hard to get one I will be happy to find ANYTHING! Yet, despite all of that I can’t find a damn job out here.

And I am so sick of spending my time filling out online applications (that is how most everyone does them these days) that take anywhere from an good hour or more (usually more!) then not even hear a damn thing back. Hell I filled one out last week that gave me a freaking math quiz! A math quiz?!?! WTF? So about a week or two ago I actually had a nervous break down filling out one of these damn things. Why? A combination of things really but what broke me was that they asked me the same questions three freakin’ times. Plus they already had most of that information on my application, so they had me submit the same exact information 4 damn times!! Why do they put people through this process and never even call you back? And if you try to call them you get a standard blow off. If they want me to spend 1-2 hours filling out bullshit stuff then they need to do it AFTER I get a call back. If you like my application and I hear back from you than I will be happy to answer all your stupid questions, even if I don’t end up getting the job at least I would have heard something back and don’t feel like I wasted precious moments of my life for absolutely no reason.

So anyway I am starting to panic about not finding a job. The money I came here with is running out and I have a home, bills and a kid to take care of. This is not good. If I could I would move back home, but unfortunately I am stuck out here. I had been trying to make the best of it and have tried to keep optimistic but I just can’t anymore. I have my limits and enough is enough.

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