14 Aug

I really can’t wait to go to GenCon, but why is it that they pretty much give you absolutely no information about what is going to be happening on a given night? Heck the information about what is going to be happening is not even complete, far from it. There are a lot of things they left out. For instance I found out that tonight there is a screening of “The Guild” (very funny web series) and that they have a booth there where they will be selling autographed DVD’s. And the only reason I know this is because I follow Felicia Day (creator, writer & star of The Guild) on Twitter. Why doesn’t GenCon’s site tell me these things? I mean, GenCon wants enough of our money to attend their event you’d think they could tell us something! Grrr! Other conventions let you know what is going on, I wish they did too. Oh well, gonna go anyway. I mean, it’s a place for big geeks like us to hang out with other, even bigger geekier geeks than us! 🙂

Well my boyfriend finally has all of his Dr. Horrible costume. The goggles just came in today! So that’s pretty darn cool. We get to go to GenCon geeked out. OK so he does. I don’t have a costume just my Dr. H fan tee and googles that came in today (we ordered 2 pairs). But that’s fine by me, and besides my 16 year old will be horrified enough to have one of us walking around in costume. She knows people will be in Cosplay there but that doesn’t mean she wants us to be. lol

So hopefully my next update will be about GenCon. Complete with pictures!


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2 responses to “GenCon

  1. Pete Fanning

    August 15, 2008 at 1:18 pm

    I googled for “The Guild” and “GenCon” this morning on the 15th and unfortunately found out about the screening AFTER the fact…I’m SOOOO upset…I would have LOVED to have gone…but, hopefully, there are still copies of the signed DVD left for me…I’ll be heading over to the booth later this morning to grab one….you’re dead on right, if I had not been following Felicia on Twitter either, I wouldn’t have known about it either!

    Having a blast at the ‘con….

  2. spritey72

    August 15, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    Hope you got your DVD I managed to get one when I went today so I was happy about that!


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