I miss…

13 Aug

The Loop – A shopping center back home in Methuen, MA. I used to go there every Saturday with my daughter mostly to go to Borders and hang out in the cafe there with a drink and a book or magazine. Then we would usually go grab something to eat at Quiznos or Not You Average Joes and we would often go to movies at Loews theater (now AMC theater).

Not Your Average Joes – As mentioned above. Unfortunately there are none in Indy and it was one of my favorite places to eat. I loved their bread!

Papa Ginos – speaking of food…This was my favorite pizza place back home. I could go for some of their cheese pizza and cinnamon sicks right now. mmm

Boston – Being able to go out there for shows (at places like the Wang Center) or for games (as in Red Sox or Bruins) enjoying the culture and going to the museums or hanging out there with friends eating at Fire and Ice, hitting hole in the wall bars or sometimes the places where guys from the Red Sox and Bruins would hang out. I never got to Boston nearly as much as I should have though.

I also miss things like being able to walk to places that were nearby. I can’t do that in Indy and it drives me crazy, it also makes me feel even more isolated than I already do. I used to have CVS, Walgreens, pizza places, 24 hour convenience stores and much more, all just a few minutes away from where I lived. And if something was not in close walking distance I could easily hop a bus, the stop was right around the corner, to get there.  You know what else I miss? Being able to find jobs! Yeah, imagine that…a job. An actual job! *sigh*

One thing I really wish I had done was to take pictures. Lots of pictures of places I had been, places I loved to go. I am kicking myself for having not done that and I have no idea when or if I will ever go back for a visit.

I just want to know why Indy feels the need to kick my ass?! *shrug*

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