10 Aug

That’s what me and the boyfriend are. We recently redid the office to make it more “us” and our answer to doing that was by painting the walls a dark, rich blue and basically having a geeky/techy/sci-fi theme. All the frames for posters and the shelves (or ‘ledges’ actually) are brushed chrome and we have this honey comb shaped mesh wire shelving unit. The only thing we need is new furniture to complete the look, but we can’t afford any, yet. The walls are adorned with all kinds of sci-fi goodness like a Serenity poster, Star Trek poster, Trek calendar, autographed Darth Vadar photo (that I got when I was a kid after the first movie came out!) and my ReBoot posters. Our shelving shelving unit is just as bad there’s a Trek lunch box, Rygel plushie, Big Daddy figure, Serenity figure, ReBoot figures, and various sci-fi books, magazines and video games. We also have a Stargate mirror, the Enterprise on one of the ledges and a wall clock of Stewie Griffin that lights up on the hour! Can we get more geeky? Why yes, yes we can! We just can’t afford to right now. 😦 Anyway, the room looks great! And it is now our favorite room. I highly encourage people to experiment with color and ideas when redecorating because most houses I’ve seen can be so boring with all the beiges and blahness and all. Do not be afraid to add some character!

And you know our geekiness does not stop with the office. There is a bit of it in the living room and don’t get me started on our DVD collection. And of course we play WoW. I mean, how could we not? Oh, and you should see some of our t-shirts…See the picture below for an example. 😀

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