Penny (Dr. Horrible) cosplay…

08 Aug

(NOTE: I have a newer post on Dr. H, Captain Hammer, Penny and groupie costume ideas (w/links) that I try to keep updated. So click here for that!)

I’ve seen pics all over the net from events like ComicCon. I’ve seen a lot of Captain Hammers, probably because he is the easiest costume. And of course there are a lot of Dr. Horribles. Though, as my boyfriend is finding out, that costume is not so easy. So far he only has the gloves. But he did find some goggles and boots that were close to what Dr. H wears and has ordered those. The lab coat he found is part of a Halloween costume and is $40, the most expensive part of the outfit. He plans to wear this to GenCon (which is coming up soon) and I will be his groupie! Yeah, that one is simple…Dr. Horrible fan-tee and some goggles on my head and my outfit is complete. Maybe I should sketch out a Dr. Horrible pic too, like the groupie was holding, to add to the effect!

So far I have not seen anyone actually dressing up as is Penny. Let’s face it, she doesn’t have a costume so it’s kind of hard to be her. Right? Wrong. I’ll get back to why this is wrong later because right now this leads me to a new pet peeve of mine; People so-called cosplaying as Penny by wearing a Captain Hammer fan tee. Umm…I’d hate to break this to you, and even if you have red hair, wearing that shirt only makes you a Captain Hammer groupie…You remember them right? You know, “We do the weird stuff!”. Yeah, that is who you are. Do not try to kid yourself into thinking you are Penny, because you are not Penny. Hmph! 😛

OK so even though Penny didn’t have a ‘costume’ there is still a way to dress up as her. You know the scene where she is trying to get signatures for the homeless shelter? Just find some clothes similar to what she wears there and then use a clip board for a prop and there you have it! Instant Penny. I thought of this outfit because it is fairly easy to replicate (plus I thought it was cute). Another idea is try to copy the outfit from when she was at the park on her date with Captain Hammer and you can walk around with some frozen yogurt…and a spork. lol

So if you want to wear a Captain Hammer “fan tee” then you need to be holding an autographed photo of Captain Hammer…Or maybe a piece of paper with a lock of hair on it…Or both. Because, and I will say this one more time, you are a…wait for it…


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